Alchemy Integrative Medicine 

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I offer over 20 years of clinical experience to address your emotional and physical issues with therapy and evidence based natural medicine. We have all experienced at one time or another emotions which seem to manifest in our bodies as pain or discomfort. You may find yourself experiencing stomach pain after an argument or a frequent headache during work. You may notice you get low blood sugar signals that also feel like anxiety and you may not be sure what to do about it.

I guide people into understanding how to listen to their body and work on kinesthetic awareness while including Cognitive Behavioral techniques for a balanced treatment modality. Mindfulness starts when we reside in our bodies!

I offer solutions by bringing together the true meaning of the mind-body connection, reinforcing the whole person through blending my training in Western Psychology and Eastern Medicine. I specialize in mood disorders of all kinds: anxiety, OCD, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, PMS, & schizoaffective disorder.

I also offer free workshops on how and why to use therapeutic grade essential oils in your daily routine with safe effective medicinal plant oils that can be used as tools to help manage and eliminate anxiety, depression, headaches, pain, insomnia, and much more!